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Tutorials - Hand Washing with lanolin

Our diaper covers, trainers and feminine pads are made with 100% organic merino wool. It is pre-felted before sewing, but even so we have some care recommendations in order for your wool to perform at its best.

We wash and treat our wool diapers, trainers and feminine pads with lanolin prior to shipping (unless you specify otherwise) so that they are ready for use when you receive them. About once every two weeks thereafter, or whenever they become heavily soiled (i.e. a poopsplosion), they do require hand washing and treatment with lanolin. This is not a difficult or labour intensive process, we will show you everything you need to know in 3 easy steps in this tutorial.

In this tutorial we show a wool diaper cover, but the method is the same for our trainers and feminine pads as well.

You will need:

1. Pure Lanolin - this is the same substance that is often used by nursing mothers for cracked or sore nipples, so you may have some already.  If you don't have any you can find it easy in your local health food store or online (like here in Canada).

2. Wool Safe Soap or Clear Dish soap - one pump of any gentle clear soap will do (just not something like blue dawn).

3. A heat proof measuring cup or glass.

4. A sink, bucket or wash basin

5. A towel (for those planning on diapering with wool we recommend that you dedicate one old towel to be exclusively used for drying wool items with lanolin, over time your towel may become water repellent and experience yellow staining).

Step 1 (melt your lanolin)

Place a small amount of lanolin into a small heat safe glass.

Fill your glass with hot tap water (as hot as it will run from your tap). Allow the lanolin to melt completely.

The lanolin will still be visible as oil blobs on the top of the water but will no longer have any solid pieces.

Add one squirt (pump) of clear dish soap or wool safe soap and stir together. We do not recommend that you use coloured dish soaps like blue dawn for this purpose.

Step 2 (hand wash/soak in sink or basin)

Fill your sink or wash basin with lukewarm water, if only washing one wool item you'll only need an inch or so of water in the bottom. If doing more diapers you'll need a bit more water. The goal is to make a wool stew (not soup). Add the lanolin/soap mixture to your sink.

Add wool items to the sink. Gently squeeze the wool to remove air bubbles. You'll want the wool side of your item facing up as the lanolin stays near the surface of the water. 

Let soak for approximately 10 mins if just treating with lanolin.  For a heavily soiled diaper, soak for 30 mins-1 hour then gently hand wash and rinse.

Step 3 Remove excess water and let dry

Gently squeeze away excess water. Do not wring out the wool.

Lay the wet diaper on your lanolin drying towel.

Roll it up into a sausage, gently squeezing as you go.

Give the towel roll a final squeeze. Remove the diaper from the towel and lay flat or hang to finish drying. Drying times will vary greatly depending on local conditions. On a hot summer day it may only take an hour on the clothes line. In very humid conditions or in a cold laundry room it may need to dry overnight.