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Cotton Fleece Diaper Inserts - Absorbency test

When comparing cloth diapers of different designs an absorbency test can be a helpful piece of information. Recently a customer asked me to provide this information for Seven Lambs Organic's one size diaper insert.

Unfortunately there is no tested and true standard methodology that is widely used. Several cloth diapers bloggers and podcasters have developed and shared their own methods, comparing the performance of many brands. 

I've adopted a method that borrows from All about Cloth Diapers and The Cloth Diaper Podcast but I want to be clear that my own in house test is quite limited by the fact that I'm not using one method to compare many brands.


Submerse insert in 44oz of warm water, squeezing out air bubbles until fully saturated.

Remove from water, very gently squeezing the insert until it no longer drips water.

Measure the remaining water.


The One Size Insert absorbed 19.7 fluid ounces. 

*If you are a cloth diaper blogger/podcaster/advocate and are interested in replicating my results or in comparing the absorbency of the Seven Lambs insert with others on the market please reach out and I'll do my utmost to facilitate that*

More information on the OS diaper:

Seven Lambs Organic's cotton fitted diapers are designed to pair with our merino wool covers. However, either with or without a fastener that work very well of a variety of cover styles. 

These inserts are made with two layers of the most ethically sourced organic cotton fleece all around and five layers in the wet zone. Sewn with organic cotton thread, which has been comfort stitched in the elastic zone to cause zero redness or discomfort for baby. Finished with a snap so it will stay in place in our wool cover!

Simply snap the insert into a wool cover, place baby on the diaper, wrap the insert around the baby and snap the cover in place.

These inserts are trim enough to be used for daytime diapering, with no clothing size adjustments required on the baby to fit in these diapers. They are absorbent enough though to be used overnight.

These inserts are fully machine washable, line drying them tends to be preferable because strong sunshine will naturally bleach away any staining. However they are able to be machine dried as well. Due to their layered construction they do dry quite quickly.

Unlike other cloth diapers on the market (micro-fiber, PUL, etc.) these natural fibers never become water repellent or require stripping. It's simply not an issue with these materials.