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Organic wool Ladies' Cloth Pads

Introducing our Organic Merino Wool Ladie's Cloth Pads and Liners.

These pads and liners are handmade with all natural fibres for a green alternative to single use products.

The ladies's cloth pad is composed of two parts: One organic merino wool pad that is snapped onto your underwear and one organic bamboo velour and organic cotton fleece insert. The pad and inserts are available in 8" or 10" lengths.


The organic merino wool pad is to be handwashed and treated with lanolin for waterproofing.

The interior liner snaps onto the wool pad and can be changed as needed. The liner is made from organic bamboo velour and organic cotton fleece. It is edged in 100% organic cotton thread. The liner is designed to be comfortable, sleek and absorbent. When necessary snap out the used liner for a fresh one.

Additional liners can be purchased in three packs in regular and super absorbencies.
These liners are made from organic bamboo velour (against the skin) and organic cotton fleece. They come in two different lengths (8" and 10") to fit your wool cloth pad (sold separately).

They come in different absorbencies: Regular (1 layer of velour and 2 layers of fleece), and Super (1 layer of velour and 3 layers of fleece).

The pad liners can be machine washed and dried.

All of the fibres we use are natural (no synthetics like polyester or polyurethanes) and therefore naturally breathable and eventually biodegradable.

Handmade in Canada from sustainably sourced, natural fibres.