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Meet the Minimalist Wallet

The minimalist wallet is handmade using premium organic materials. Canvas on the outside, woven cotton on the inside, with a metal zippered inner pocket and high quality KAM snaps with a faux metallic finish.

The wallet features a sleek design. Open the snapped tab to reveal 3 slots for cards, a roomy zippered pouch and a back pocket for your smart phone. Running a quick errand with just the basics? We've got you covered.

At Seven Lambs Organics the materials we use matter to us. All of our materials are sourced with sustainablitily and environmental stewardship in mind. The canvas and woven cotton are 100% organic, the zipper and snaps are durable and our thread is 100% organic cotton as well. We source the leather for our wallet trim from a local shop, but we also have a great faux leather vegan friendly option too.


We also make a smaller version of the minimalist wallet called the mini. Using the same high quality materials, the mini features one snap to close and one front card slot.

The minimalist wallet and the mini make a great set. Use the mini to hold all those loyalty and gift cards. The mini also makes a great starter wallet for kids!

Would you rather make your own? The pattern that we used is available here.