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Custom orders

If you are interested in having us design and make you a custom item, do not hesitate to contact us at

Through the Seven Lambs Organics Etsy shop we create beautiful and functional baby needs and more out of ethically sourced materials in order to support sustainability.

In addition to this work we also delight in designing custom made items for customers with specific needs or ideas who are interested in the use of organic fibers.

Some examples of our custom work.

Washable women's liners

We had a customer request some lightweight liners out of organic materials. We sourced some organic cotton jersey and paired it with organic cotton poplin to create some everyday liners that have not been exposed to any harsh chemicals, like so many disposable liners are.

Youth overnight underwear-style pull-up

Have you seen our overnight pull-up style wool trainer system? At Seven Lambs we are mothers in the thick of diapering and toilet training. Having resorted to disposable pull up training pants at night we were fed up with the amount of waste involved. We designed a training pant system that is quick and easy to wash and dry that is also effective for overnight bathroom accidents.

A customer asked us to change our design to accommodate an older child who experiences nighttime wetting. We were happy to enter into dialogue with mother and child to find a design that would promote confidence and ease of use.

Underpant style wool trainer for nighttime incontinence

We used a wool jersey for the outside of the training pant, with a core of felted wool interlock like we use in our diaper covers. This whole unit is lanolized to keep the moisture away from bedding. Layers of organic cotton fleece can be snapped into the underpant. As with our existing training pant system more or less fleece layers may be added depending on need. In the morning the fleece layers are removed and can be machine washed and dried. The wool underpants can be air dried for use the following night. 

Custom clothing

At Seven Lambs Organics using organic fibres is important to us. When we make children's clothing for family and friends we use high quality, ethically sourced organic cottons.

Men's slippers

Our soft leather soled slippers come to fit newborn babies up to ladies size 12. When we were approached to make a men's pair, we were able to grade up our pattern to fit our client. 

If you are interested in having us design and make you a custom item, do not hesitate to contact us at

We look forward to hearing from you!