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Wool diaper covers

Diaper covers are hand crafted in Canada using only 100% organic certified materials. The diaper covers are made from both 100% merino wool and cotton (also includes elastic and plastic snaps). Diaper inserts are made using 100% organic cotton fleece. Unlike other modern diapering systems we do not use any petroleum products as a fluid barrier, that function is performed by the wool. All of our fibres are ethically sourced because it matters to us that fibres be free of pesticides and that ethical labour practices be employed at every step of the way.

This diaper system is unlike cloth diapers of previous generations. It features a sleek, modern design using sustainable and renewable fibres.

The benefits of wool

Wool diaper covers are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, they are also naturally temperature regulating. In hot climes it breathes well to keep baby cool and in cool climes it's insulating to keep baby warm. Wool also has the unique ability to shed its own dirt. This means that it is not necessary to wash the wool covers after each use. If the cover is damp to the touch, let it lay flat and air dry and it will be ready to use again in an hour or two. Covers only require laundering if they become soiled (in laymen's terms following a 'poopsplosion'). In this case the process for hand laundering is not involved or labour intensive. (see care tutorial). 

The Wool-in-two System

Due to the fact that the wool covers are able to be used again and again while being air dried between uses it is not necessary to stock up on dozens of covers (as is the case with other all-in-one diaper systems). In fact, if you plan to full-time diaper using wool covers and inserts we recommend you invest in 3-4 wool covers, and 12-24 fleece inserts (depending on how frequently your baby is wet and how often you're doing diaper laundry). For nighttime use we recommend adding a wool liner or booster to your diaper to add in additional layers of absorbency.