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Organic Wool Trainer - Potty Training System

Our wool trainer system can help you navigate the messy waters of potty training.  The system consists of two parts: the interior fleece inserts are absorbent, soft and easy to launder, the exterior wool cover provides a moisture barrier to keep clothing and bedding dry.

The interior fleece inserts 

The fleece inserts are rectangles of organic cotton fleece that snap to each other and to the outer wool pull-up style trainer. Each insert is made of 3 layers of fleece that are serged together with organic cotton thread. Three snapping inserts make a set, meaning that if you choose to snap in all three inserts you'll have nine layers of fleece inside the trainer. You can choose how many layers of fleece you would like to snap in depending on your child's needs (heavy wetter? simply snap in more inserts. Potty training but just a dribble while getting to the toilet? opt for one insert for a trim and easy to pull on and off trainer). An additional reason that we opted to separate the inserts into layers of three is for ease of laundering. A trainer with 9 layers of fleece would normally take a very long time to air dry. However, because our inserts are not attached to our wool trainer, you can simply remove them and put them in your washer and dryer.

The exterior wool trainer 

The exterior wool trainer consists of 100% organic merino wool, 100% cotton (print), elastic and snaps. The sides of the trainer snap completely off for quick and easy removal, we designed them this way because we are mothers who have potty trained several children, therefore we know full well the grief involved in poop accidents.

Wool training covers are naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, they are also naturally temperature regulating. Wool also has the unique ability to shed its own dirt. This means that it is not necessary to wash the outer wool trainer after each use (however you would wash the fleece inserts each time they become wet). If the outer wool cover is damp to the touch, let it lay flat and air dry and it will be ready to use again in an hour or two. Trainer covers only require immediate laundering if they become soiled with poop. In this case the process for hand laundering is not involved or labour intensive. (see our wool care tutorial here). Aside from laundering in the case of soiling, the wool trainer covers would only need to be hand washed and with lanolin about once a month (as with our wool diaper system).

These trainers are very forgiving size wise. We've had success with them on a 2 year old up to a 4 year old. If you have need of a trainer outside of this sizing window, please message us, we're always happy to discuss custom order needs.

Each wool trainer system comes with one wool cover, and 3 snap in fleece inserts. Additional inserts can be purchased seperately. Our wool trainer system can be purchased at our Etsy Shop.

Our shop Seven Lambs Organics specializes in baby and motherhood clothing needs using organic materials. Every part of the training system is made with 100% organic fibres. That means the cotton fleece was grown without harmful pesticides, that all livestock and people involved in the production of the materials were treated fairly and with a living wage. The materials that make up our clothing matter and the way that it is produced is important to our environment and our society.